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When I was quite young,
I found myself so very far flung;
Blasting rocket ship in space –
Color-filled and yet no happy place
‒ And though it made a comfy bed,
It was quite uncomfortable for my head;
Flying on and soaring by –
No, not like that Super-guy,
‒ I widened my gaze and came to with a start
To realize I had no manual for each part;
Past raining comets and stars,
Blurring together like traffic-lined cars;
There was no slowing down to breathe
And on the gas lever I did teethe;
Skating on a mirror surface of a giant icy ring,
I cried out knowing I did not control this thing;
And on towards eternal stormy Jupiter –
Pulling around me tighter my comforter
‒ Blazing ahead is Mars in fiery-red glory,
But this is not the end of the story,
And this I know without sense or proof
While muttering a prayer to the roof,
For on the horizon lies mystery fair and white,
Shining on to keep the sun-absent-sky bright,
This new world will leave me quite undone,
:iconibringyouasong:Ibringyouasong 0 1
Loss of the Crow
Sunlight buries itself behind winter’s breeze
And so the crow flies and carries the burden,
The beauty of the broken heart,
Tied to its feet with red velvet ribbon
And with a hacking call,
Cries to the world as it leaves;
Past the mourners who moan and break
Like branches covered in ice,
Circling low over the musicians and parade’s people.
Leaden clouds swarm the massive dome
And guide the crumbling shards –
So like sprinkles of ash over the city
– To scatter the bleeding parts of dust amongst the soil,
Where the seeds will germinate with dreams
And leave the trees to absorb the slivers of a young soul;
Spring crawls in with sad but hurried rising,
The shell cracking around the heavy weight
As a candle wick is lit in the darkness of its walls;
The sifting powder crafts sparks of gold as it drifts –
The flames that leap up gorge together
– And with a divine cry,
Cause the cord to snap.
There is silence in the world as the unfettered heart descends,
:iconibringyouasong:Ibringyouasong 1 1
Heavy Hearts of Fire
With heavy heart in hand,
I feed it to the fire;
This desolate spit of earth,
where men meet in violence
and souls clash upon shores of thought;
Here I bring bells of white
of lingering heavenly scent;
Clouds skim the top of mountains
like hands passing over graves;
Kings bury princes for kingdoms
and the winds come to steal
the only laments kinsmen can offer;
I have walked with bare feet
over the backs of rocks to come here,
to place tokens of prayer
on all patches of unmarked ground,
and though the gift I bear
is by no means divine or sparse,
these white bells ring with my voice
for each prince who won't be crowned;
Medieval poisionous black consumes me
as colorful banners of kings drift,
lonely and wailing silently,
and so while bone dust,
so unlike the wizard's ingredient,
shudders and mixes in the dense earth,
I stay by as my heavy heart
is licked by blazing tongues,
and as eyes peer at me,
- like the unknown eyes of spirits -
from each bright flame,
I tremble with the fact of com
:iconibringyouasong:Ibringyouasong 1 1
Katie Greaves
Katie Greaves
Sits and watches as the train leaves;
In and out, in and out,
Dark tunnel to no-light at the end.
Katie Greaves
Sits on a bus going nowhere,
Rain pouring and mist curling,
Takes out her notebook and breathes.
Katie Greaves
Sits in a car as the engine heaves,
Gazes at the world going by,
And makes guesses at life.
Katie Greaves
Sits in the airport and looks at white;
Blue, blue, blue - deeper than space,
Makes a circle around his face and believes.
Katie Greaves
Sits on a boat that rocks as it weaves
There’s the sunset - all gold,
And down by the head she goes.
She has fingers that itch like spiders
To walk along the silk-threaded cables
That keep the trains moving and running;
She feels victimized like a fly in Grand Central.
Her brain festers and rots inside this prison,
This rectangular prison that has but one
- Only one - destination and it’s empty;
Reminds her of her therapist’s words.
This ride from Hell just got worse,
And if she had any more sense
:iconibringyouasong:Ibringyouasong 0 3
Romeo + Juliet
Romeo + Juliet
Shakespeare had it wrong;
Love does not swell in red and silver,
But blooms with blacks and blues;
Or, if it should bleed rouge and mist,
Let it be from the tip of a pen.
Ah, the pen;
Yes, a pen,
The vampire of ink,
How lovely the writing seems;
And within a sonnet, proclaim it well,
But love; true love, love,
Love is not that way;
Can be written and read and versed
As well as one should please;
If one should please it though,
Let the truth be known;
Love is like grasping fingers on a throat,
Like a choking grip on the wrist,
And there the colorful stains remain
- where all the world can see,
And they are privy to it;
Nay, it is their right to visualize it
- but of all eyes fair, it is yours, love
That I have hungered for,
Like the beast that claws at us all,
I surrender to these words
- with violent desperation no less -
And read backwards the play.
:iconibringyouasong:Ibringyouasong 5 0
Let Me Sing My Song For You
Let me sing my song for you
Words that glow like golden meteors
Falling and scattering around your fingertips
Let me sing my song for you
Heavenly notes that rush together like a clear, unfurling river
Twisting around your throat, chest, and stomach
Let me sing my song for you
Whispering melodies of the sweetest winds
Touching your ear and tousling your hair
Let me sing my song for you
Dreamy composition that sighs into color
Painting your red mouth in sweet, chaste kiss
Let me sing my song for you
Choir sung that brings forth the roses and vines
Tracing the bones of your wrists, the flesh of your palms
Let me sing my song for you
Crooning a lullaby to spring forth the deepest fields
Brushing your knees and worshipping your feet
Let me sing my song for you
Uttering an air to breathe in the atmosphere
Tasting your scent, drinking your tongue
Let me sing my song for you
Rhyming poetically the child's tale
Outlining the cheek and drawing the jaw
Let me sing my song for you
Numbering the c
:iconibringyouasong:Ibringyouasong 4 1
Wind of the crashing waves,
Darkness of the rock that was beat upon;
A swirling mass of blue and ivory.
The moon is round and free,
shining romantically with an air of mystery.
A beacon of light from the silent tower,
revolving as the sun,
heralding the message to come home.
The lullaby plays
and catches the breath of the beating heart.
This is my tomb,
my grave.
This place of sanctuary where I sit.
The bitterness of Calypso,
the mightiness of Poseidon.
Oh shadow of the veil,
as it descends over the pale face.
And softly,
it departs.
:iconibringyouasong:Ibringyouasong 10 3


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